Appearance Counts

More than half of all cars and trucks on the road have some form of cosmetic damage:

  • Minor body or bumper damage
  • Paint chips or scratches
  • Scratched, clouded or yellowed light covers
  • Scraped or scuffed wheels

If you like to keep your vehicle looking new, wear and tear can wear on your nerves. Worse, it can cost you money if you’re planning to sell or are coming to the end of your lease.

With DuPont Cosmetic Car Repair, you don’t have to live with the damage, file an insurance claim or pay high costs out of pocket to get it fixed. Our dealers are specialists in cosmetic repair. Most of the time, you can have your vehicle back in a day – for much less than you’d pay in a body shop.

Driven by DuPont

Best of all, it’s technology driven by DuPont. Starting with water-resistant convertible tops and seat covers in 1916, DuPont has applied science to automobiles for more than 90 years. Today, DuPont contributes more than 100 products to an average car and is a coating of choice for more than 40 vehicle manufacturers. Now, DuPont is applying its auto expertise and products to cosmetic vehicle repair.

All you need to make your car look new again.


We use advanced DuPont technology to match color exactly and manufacturer- approved DuPont paint systems to make nicks and scrapes disappear.